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Hydro Project

Callander Community Hydro Project

Turning water into cash - sounds too good to be true - with all the rain we get, Callander certainly has an abundant supply of water as a natural resource and it seems a shame to waste it.

The Hydro project developed from informal discussions within Callander Enterprise about the cost of electricity for local businesses and about how, as Callander is never short of water, this should be seen as an advantage rather than the opposite. It could become an asset for the entire community.The purpose of the scheme is to generate hydro electric energy and put it into the grid, selling it to an electricity supplier to generate income for Callander which will then be allocated by the CCDT for the community in Callander. It will help to fund our own developments and reduce our reliance on funding from public bodies.

The hydro scheme is situated in Stank Glen on Forestry Commission land - it's a run of river scheme (see diagram above) where water is diverted from Stank Burn into an intake, flow down a buried pipeline into a turbine house, used to generate electricity and then returned to the stream much lower down. There are no dams or reservoirs in this type of scheme so it is hidden once the land is replanted. The catchment area for the water is 4.23km2 (see map above).

Progress so far

On 10th September 2014, Callander Community Hydro Project started to generate and export electricity to the national grid. The project is now generating an income from selling power and benefiting from the government's FITS payments for generation of renewable energy.We have received funding from a consortium of three organisations - Triodos Bank, Scottish Investment Bank and Social Investment Scotland, who have lent the community a total of £1.9 million.

Our contractor, Highland Waterworks, took only 5 months to install the whole system. This included the new grid connection, over 800m of pipeline, an intake structure, an outfall and a powerhouse where the turbine and generator are located.We worked closely with Forestry Commission Scotland, SSE, LEADER and Community Energy Scotland to implement this project.

Hydro Project - Update - September 2015

A new information brochure available to down load here. Paper copies are available at the National Trust Office on the Main Street in Callander.

Hydro Project - Links

The hydro project has received much media coverage over the past months- here are links to some of the articles:

Hydro Project - Technical Details

  • Turbine : GILKES Horizontal Twin Jet Pelton turbine 450kW
  • Penstock : 800m
  • Head : 150 metres
  • Energy generation : 1.3199 Gwh/year
  • Income : £280k from 2015 before financing and operating costs

Keeping you informed

We will use this site and the Ben Ledi View to keep you updated on our progress, but if you have any specific questions then please email us at the  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Last updated 16/09/2015

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