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hanging baskets 2015

Hanging baskets – since 2007 we have provided hanging baskets along Main Street.

These were initially 61 motley wire baskets which were insufficiently well maintained. Over the years they have been gradually replaced by 43 self-watering baskets purchased with funding from the Community Pride Fund,  the Airtricity Fund (Community Council) and the Hydro Fund. Plants have been purchased withfunding from various sources including Callander Enterprise. A watering contract with young entrepreneur Liam Burnett aka Empardio, funded initially by plant-sales and then a grant from the Hydro Fund, has allowed them to flourish from early June until early October. In 2016 30 of the baskets were made up by volunteers and they were grown on by John MacIsaac for 3 weeks in the glasshouses at Keltie Bridge. The plants came from 2 local nurseries and were paid for by our May plant sale and donations from individuals.

 Tubs and planters – Initially 3 large recycled plastic planters purchased with grant funding from Stirling Community Fund via Community Council. Placed at Eastand West entrances to the town with permission from Bear but permission was refused to put one at South entrance by Stirling Council Roads dept. The 3rd planter has been variously re-positioned in S Church Street over the years and is currently in front of the Library. Since 2013 Callander and West Perthshire Rotary Club have taken over the planting and maintenance of the East and West planters and affixed their logos.

4 large plastic planters and subsequently a matching trough were purchased for the war memorial plot at Esher Terrace and filled with rosemary bushes and (seasonally) bulbs and begonias.St Kessogs bed 2016

Beds outside St Kessog’s – in 2012 landscaping was commissioned from Cruachan for two conifers in tiered beds on site of disused fountains and replanting of beds on either side with advice from designer Jayne Whitehead of Ivy Maud. Funding obtained from the National Park Community Grants scheme and Callander and West Perthshire Rotary Club. Regularly maintained and upgraded by Greener Callander. Maintenance of the steps and beds against church is the responsibility of the Clanranald Trust.

Floral fountain 2016

Beds at west end of Main Street – various attempts to replant and maintain over the years from 2007 onwards thwarted by mistreatment by members of public and shop-owners. Currently being looked after by Lynne Schroder of Creative in Callander. Funds were donated early on by Callander Round Table.

Floral fountains and barrier baskets – in 2015 we installed 2 Amberol floral fountains in North Ancaster Square, purchased with funds from Stirling Community Pride Fund. These and two sets of barrier baskets from the same manufacturer were planted up by Stirling Council’s Land Services. Further barrier baskets were purchased in 2016 with money from the Hydro Fund and there are now 12 in all: 2 sets of three on either side of Main Street at the east and west ends. Contributions received from CCW and Margaret the hairdresser.

War Memorial – in 2014 we were asked by the Royal British Legion in Callander to replant the ground around the war memorial after it had been cleaned and restored and the low box hedging removed. Heathers and dwarf conifers were planted and the area was finished off with a permeable membrane covered with gravel. Some funding was provided by the British Legion and plants by Stirling Council. We weed and tend it occasionally.

Frerichs garden memorial

Frerichs Garden – the group had been looking after the Frerichs memorial garden in S. Church Street unofficially but in 2016 it was decided to formally adopt it from Stirling Council. Local garden contractor Kirsty King was employed to dig out all the plants in the two main beds beside the river and add top-soil before replanting them. Greener Callander has added more plants, in consultation with the family, and top-dressed with an organic straw mulch. We contributed the materials for the railings to be re-painted by a service in the community project.

Extension to Friendship Garden – in early 2016 the triangular corner site adjoining the Friendship Garden on Pearl Street was adopted by Greener Callander as a garden in memory of volunteer Olive Walker. Kirsty King was entrusted with the design and execution of this project and funding was obtained from the National Park’s “Soon, Seen, Successful” Community fund as well as from Stirling Council’s Community Pride fund.

Friendship garden 2015

Community Friendship Garden in South Church Street – after the demolition of the public conveniences by Stirling Council in 2011, the plot was levelled and grassed over by George Walker and a diamond-shaped raised flower bed created for the Diamond Jubilee Year. Planning for a permanent Community Garden to echo the Frerichs (Library) garden began in 2012 with permissions and a lease sought from Stirling Council’s Housing Department. Garden designer Jayne Whitehead of Ivy Maud drew up the design, appointed the sub-contractor Murray Parsons of Greenlands Gardens and, together with Liz Kliskey and other members of Greener Callander, managed the project. Local volunteers trained with the West of Scotland Dry Stone Walling Association to build the curved wall feature in July 2013. The garden was officially opened in September 2013 and a full account which details all the funding sources, including Awards for All, is provided in a separate booklet.

Other initiatives – a wildflower border running along the footpath from N Church Street to Ancaster Road planned with Callander Streetscapes in 2015. ( Attempts to establish one alongside the Primary School playing field and in the Cemetery have not been altogether successful and depend on operatives mowing at the right time.)

Greener train at Station carpark

- A small train planter, renovated and painted by George Walker, was installed outside the toilet block in the Station Road carpark in early 2015 and planted
up by members of Greener Callander with begonias over-wintered and grown on by one of them.


Can You Help Please?

Spare an hour or two to plant. weed, tidy or fund-raise? Alternatively make a donation to help fund plants and planters.


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